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The Zoni way of Life

  • Our Mission

    Be part of our community

    Our Mission

    We provide students with a unique method for learning English as a second language. It is our goal to eliminate the language barriers that come up in everyday situations.

  • Our Mission

    Be part of our community

    Our Mission

    We continuously strive to expand and innovate our curricula, including incorporating technology to meet the needs of language learners around the world and enabling them to become global citizens.

Life and Study at Zoni

The Student Experience

Everyone has different needs and different goals.
Therefore, we have 3 different ways that you can study with Zoni.

Learning made easy

Whether you are an in-person, virtual or hybrid student, we are dedicated to helping you overcome language barriers and reaching your goals. Whatever your dream, whatever your situation, we will find a program that suits you!

Let’s take a look around


Even if you are a virtual student, you will still be part of a real Zoni class.
Check out photos of some of our classes and activities.

Student Life

Life as a Zoni student is a mixture of learning and fun. It doesn’t matter
if study in-person or online we offer a wide range of support services
to help you achieve your goals.

study in the United States

study in the United States

If your dream is to study in the United States we can help! There are 8 Zoni Language Centers in the New York metropolitan area, and 1 campus in Miami, Florida right on South Beach.

study in the United States

Tech Support

Virtual students can ask our Tech Support for help with getting set up or with any technical troubles they encounter along the way.

Community Outreach

Zoni is involved in numerous community projects such as the food program and seminars on topics such as immigration.

Student Ambassadors

Ambassadors are students that represent Zoni at events and help out with student recruitment and orientation.

University Placement

If your dream is to attend university or college in the US we can help you! Our university placement advisor will help you prepare and apply to the program of your choice.

Student Services

We have a team of student counsellors and advisors that speak many different languages. They will help you with any problems you may have.

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