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Here we will answer some of the most common questions people have about our TESOL/TEFL certification (English teaching) course.

  • Who can study the TESOL/TEFL Course?

    To join the course, you must have a BA degree and an advanced level of English proficiency.
    You should also be an independent learner and passionate about teaching English.

  • Who will teach my TESOL/TEFL Course?

    You will be taught by the best teachers in the field. All of our will learn from the best

  • What will I learn?

    Our course is more than just a theory course! You will get real world experience and practice by teaching in both a classroom and online. The experience gained through the course makes all the difference when you go to apply for jobs.

  • Is the TESOL/TEFL Course accredited?

    Our TESOL/TEFL course is accredited by the CEA (Commission on English Language Program Accreditation). More information about CEA can be found on their website:

  • What kind of job can I get with a TESOL/TEFL Certificate?

    There are many types of jobs and careers for people holding a TESOL/TEFL Certificate:
    ESL teacher- physical and/or online
    Corporate Trainer
    Foundational skills for a teaching career in other subjects

  • Where will I study?

    The TESOL/TEFL course is available both online and at Zoni’s Newark campus (16 Ferry St, Newark, NJ 07105)

  • How long is the course?

    The course has 120 hours studied over 3 months. This includes classroom instruction, online work, classroom observation and student teaching.

  • When are the classes?

    At the moment the TESOL/TEFL classes are held Saturdays from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST.

  • How much does the TESOL/TEFL Course cost?

    The total cost is $899.00
    Students may pay in 2 instalments:

    First week: $500.00
    Third week: $490.00

    There is also a materials fee of $100.00


Here you can find the answers to some of the most common questions people have about our Zoni Live Program.

  • Who can join the virtual English program?

    Basically, anyone can join a Zoni Live English classes! We have all levels from beginners through to advanced. All you need is access to a computer or device (tablet or even your phone) and a stable internet connection.

  • Can I use my cellphone?

    Yes, you can use any device except a chrome book.

  • Can I login whenever I want?

    No, the classes are on a fixed schedule. Because you join a real class (virtually), your schedule is matched to their schedule. We have a large number of classes running – on different days and at different times. You may enrol for the class that best fits your schedule.

  • Where can I buy the course book?

    You can get the book through Amazon or at one of our schools.

  • What is I don’t know anything about technology?

    Our tech support team is available to guide you and provide assistance whenever you need it.

  • Can I change to in-person study?

    Yes! If you want to join your class in person, or study at one of our campuses send us an email at We will help you organise a visit or transfer to an in-person program.

  • When can I start?

    First you must take a written and oral placement test. Based on the results you will be given a class-level and start options.

  • I am an agent, can I promote this course to my students?

    Yes, please do! If you are not a registered Zoni agent, please contact us at to begin the Agent registration process. Current Zoni agent partners should speak to their Zoni manager for all terms and conditions. 

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