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TESL Course Highlights

Key Skills
Key Skills

Learn to teach listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation to all proficiency levels.

Topics & Themes
Topics & Themes

Learn the theory of ESL education as well as methodologies, strategies, approaches and techniques for integrated skills.

Practical Training
Practical Training

Extensive practical training including teaching online, ensures you are ready to teach at the end of the course.

Is this course right for me?

This program suits self-motivated people passionate about becoming English teachers. The TESL course will enhance the knowledge and skills needed to teach English as a Second Language.  To join this course, candidates must have a BA degree and speak English as a native/first language.  

Course Description

The TESL course focuses on the multi- faceted nature of teaching English to second language learners.

It is a hybrid teacher training program that blends traditional classroom instruction and online learning. It also includes practical components where people taking the course practice and perfect their teaching skills in real Zoni classrooms, both in-person classes and virtual presence.


Course Journey

Course Teachers

You will be taught by highly qualified and experienced tutors. All of our teachers have college degrees, a TESL teaching qualification and many years of experience training new teachers. On top of this, our teachers are specially trained in virtual teaching and are able to make sure any online components of the TESL course are successfully delivered to you.

Course Program

The TESL program consists of forty hours (40) of classroom teaching and learning, thirty hours (30) of personal research, online activities and homework and fifty hours (50) of classroom observation and practice teaching.