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ESL For Business

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This course is suitable for beginners through to advance level students. This course will give you a strong foundation for further study and enable you to confidently use of English in everyday life and in your career.

Don’t worry if you do not know your English level. Before starting your course, you will be given a short placement test. That way we can make sure join a class at the right level.

Course Description

This course expands and develops your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. You will also study pronunciation, vocabulary and conversation, and practice with your teacher and classmates.

As your level increases you will learn more sophisticated grammar including phrasal verbs and idioms and how to use them. Students also learn how to construct written works, for both creative and academic writing styles.

At Advanced level you study the techniques needed for academic studies and learn skills such as public speaking, presenting, academic writing and arguing topics, both in debate and in your written work. You will also learn academic vocabulary and discuss a wide range or socio-cultural themes.

This class is offered on campus via Zoni Language Centers, or Online via the Virtual Presence Program (VPP) by Zoni Institute.

For many of our courses, you can choose class times to fit your schedule. Please check the schedule carefully. These classes are not on-demand, meaning you must log-in to the virtual school at set class times. If you miss a class, you will be marked as absent.


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    Course highlights

    Key Skills
    Key Skills

    In addition to improving their general English, students learn professional communication skills and important business terminologies. As well as the ins-and-outs of business communication.

    Oral Skills
    Oral Skills

    Students learn important oral skills relevant to business, including presentations, speeches and meetings.

    Topics and Themes
    Topics and Themes

    Students learn about international business practices and culture, as well as important business skills in English.


    Course journey

    Course Teachers

    You will be taught by one of our highly qualified and experienced English teachers. All of our teachers have college degrees, an English teaching qualification and many years of experience. On top of this, our teachers are specially trained in virtual teaching and are able to make sure you are a fully integrated member of the class.

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